Frequently Asked Questions


What am I paying for?

You are paying for a blank VHS tape with a custom front and spine label of a wrestling event/show of your choice.  If you select a plain black box sleeve, that will also be included.  If you select a custom box sleeve, it'll have text and images from the event/show you selected as a commemorative display memento.  When you select your tape, either recycled or new, the content on the tape is free with your order!

What is the difference between a plain black box sleeve and a custom box sleeve?

The plain black sleeves have no text or pictures on them and just have a window to display the tape label.  A custom box sleeve has text and images from the show or event that you picked.  Both orders will include a front and spine label on the VHS tape.

What is the difference between a recycled and a new blank tape?

A recycled blank tape is one that had content previously recorded on it.  Because of this, there may be audio/video errors during portions of the tape or and possibly some of the previous content will bleed through.  These tapes may also have previous labels remnants on them.  If you are not satisfied with your final product, please contact me.  A new blank tape has no previous content and should be free from issues.

What type of paper do you use for your custom boxes?

I currently use 8pt high-gloss photo paper that is printed through Staples.  My local store is out of cardstock, but the boxes will be converted to that once available.  The boxes are just slightly thinner than a normal VHS box.  I hand-cut all boxes and put them together myself, so there may be some minor human errors with the cutting, folding, and glueing.

What is the recording process for the tapes?

All events are cropped to 4:3 fullscreen to fit old CRT TVs and recorded in realtime.  Because of this, each ordered tape can take anywhere from 1-5+ hours to make.  This is why I ask for patience when ordering.  The VCRs and blank tapes used are all consumer-grade and are decades old, so the final recordings may not be perfect.

How long will it take to receive my order?

I usually print my boxes once per week and record content throughout the week.  All items are handmade, so please allow 1-2 weeks for processing/creation.  Media mail through the USPS is used, which may take an additional week.

Are you affiliated with any professional wrestling organization?

NO.  No company endorses these products and I make them because nothing like this is available.